'He can't even talk about it.
It’s like he’s broken inside.’ 


”I was a Marine. What am I now?
I’m a tool. Some paper-pushing grunt.”

Alexander Skarsgård movies 2013 - What Maisie Knew, Disconnect, The East

Seriously though, you should go see this movie (if it’s playing anywhere near you). I wasn’t even expecting much but it turned out to be really really great. All the actors are so good and maybe even I cried a little.

I never implored you to see Battleship so listen to me dammit.

Here’s a short clip from Disconnect which comes out next Friday in limited release

I am unsure if I should be offended that they think I am this easily swayed, or if I should just shut up.

But where did the fat suit go???

Alex has a lot of movies coming out this year, so here’s a handy reference guide. 

These are qt pictures. And only one of them is vaguely photoshopped!