Stellan Skarsgård and Alexander Skarsgård at the Avengers world premiere.

Ari might combust.

You just worked with your son, Alexander, in Melancholia. How was that?
Ah, it’s great. First of all, being in a room with your family is nice. Also, you know each other so well, and you recognise things in each other and laugh at them. It’s very funny. It’s also a warm feeling. And it was nice to see him work so well with Lars, and Lars loved him so much. After every take, Lars came up to me and said, ‘You see, he’s much better than you are!’ I’d say, ‘Lars, that’s evolution for you!’

Are you amazed by Alexander’s success in True Blood?
Yeah, but the kind of success in terms of fame, you cannot predict. But I saw him in Generation Kill, where he was very, very good. Flawless American accent. That was a great, great job. When I saw my son naked on the front of Rolling Stone magazine, then I realised he’s gotten somewhere!

Oh wait, that’s why he was so miffed, because he realized they made him wear the same shirt as his dad.

The awkward dinosaur duo

You know what the world REALLY needs? More Skarsgårds, that’s what

Stellan becomes father again

Skarsgårds will soon have their eighth (!!!) child. Stellan Skarsgard is to be a dad again - soon.

He confirms to Entertainment Blade that his wife Megan is pregnant.

One of the biggest Hollywood stars, Stellan Skarsgård, 60, is to expand his brood once again. His wife Megan Everett Skarsgård, 35, is pregnant with their second child.

Stellan Skarsgard already has six children with My Skarsgård, which he was married between 1975 and 2007. Together they had Alexander, Gustaf, Samuel, Bill, Eija and Valter. On 12 January 2009, he married Megan. They have a boy, Ossian, 3, together.

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Melancholia" certainly isn’t the first film to contemplate the end of the world as we know it, but the dreamy drama from writer/director Lars von Trier does boast its own noteworthy debut: the teaming of father/son duo Stellan and Alexander Skarsgård.

In the movie, out Friday (November 11) in New York and L.A., Alexander plays mild-mannered Michael, the man who marries Kirsten Dunst's slightly unhinged Justine. Father Stellan plays Justine's boss and Michael's best man, Jack - a role that required the elder Skarsgård to act out some less than savory behavior.

"He’s such a douche bag in the movie," Alexander said with a grin.

"Your dad’s a douche bag?" Dunst answered, laughing.

"Well, he is. In real life. He plays himself."

"They’re really cute together as father and son," Dunst chimed in. "They’re like bros."

On the hit HBO series True Blood, adapted from Harris’s books, Northman, a vainglorious Viking-cum-vampire, is played with great panache—and frequent nakedness—by Alexander Skarsgard, a blond, 6-foot-4 actor whose slight bags under his eyes only seem to augment his power to “glamour,” or hypnotize. The hunky role isn’t too much of a stretch for Skarsgard, who was voted “Sweden’s Sexiest Man” five times in a row, much to his actor-father Stellan’s chagrin.

“He pushed me off that throne and I’ll never forgive him,” the elder Skarsgard told The Daily Beast. “I was Sweden’s sexiest man once and then my son comes and becomes it five times in a row just to show Daddy.”

Young Skarsgård says it was only in the past year or two, during the second season of the series, that he began to realise his career was taking off, some eight years after his dad’s manager suggested he audition for Zoolander, but he bats away the suggestion that there might be any oedipal rivalry in progress. “We’re more like brothers than father and son. We hang out. I’ll take him out with my buddies in LA or in Stockholm, and it’s never awkward or anything. He’s 60, but he likes to party.” You get the impression that this is something that comes easily to both of them.

I felt sorry for him. Sleeping out in the snow, getting bossed around by less intelligent men…

Because every time there’s some new article about it (ugh Perez Hilton) I get a ton of questions about it - YES THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE RELATED. Yes, Bootstrap Bill is the father of Eric Northman. Yes, the one dad in Mamma Mia is the real dad of this guy. Yes, the professor guy from Good Will Hunting fathered him.


herpdy derpin obviously runs in the family!/badkittykaron

Me and Alexander Skarsgard and Stellan Skarsgard. Stellan said “we will all have to squeeze together”! lol!/badkittykaron