Now are you with me or not?
Oh I am so fucking with you.
I thought you might be.

Alex has said he cried like a baby when it was over. True?

He was. [She starts to cry.] I had told him, “I’m not gonna be able to deal with it.” I started crying weeks before. I said, “Look, when we have our last day, we have to just act like we’re gonna see each other tomorrow. Let’s just go, ‘See you tomorrow!’ and walk away because I’ll be a mess, and I can’t deal with it.” He knows I’m an emotional person. I said, “Literally, you’re gonna have to help me out and pretend.” In that Stock Exchange scene, we had to look at each other and be laughing and happy. I kept thinking, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.” They said, “That’s it!” and he hugged me. And then I felt that he was crying. And I was like, “Oh no! Oh no! I’m in trouble! I’m in trouble!” So then I just, of course, was a mess. And I finally just said, “See you tomorrow! See you tomorrow!” and ran to my car…I couldn’t believe that he cried. He’s a stoic Swede normally.

Part of me wondered whether they’re pretending to be a couple in public now, for the sake of New Blood sales, when we saw that kiss on the hand.

That was just a sweet little thing that happened.


Alex at the Hammarby game today

This is a really great new interview where Alex talks about moving to NYC (got mah bus tickets ready….), Tarzan, TB and The Giver.

As the oldest of eight siblings, Alexander Skarsgård has always had a way with kids, which may have helped him on the set of The Giveran adaptation of Lois Lowry’s dystopian novel that arrived in theaters this weekend. Playing a character known as Father, he’s responsible for taking care of genetically engineered babies before they are placed into their assigned family units. Of course, if any of these infants fail to thrive right away, Father gives them “release” — something that Eric Northman, the vampire he has portrayed on True Blood for seven seasons who refers to children as “teacup humans,” would refer to as the True Death. While Father doesn’t recognize the concept of death, Eric has confronted it many times over — but it’s not the prospect of his own death that troubles him anymore now that he has been cured of Hep-V. With Bill (Stephen Moyer) refusing to take the cure himself, effectively deciding to commit suicide, Sookie has grown increasingly distraught, and Eric does not like his love interest to be distraught. Skarsgård, who has spent the last two months shooting Tarzan, called Vulture up from London to chat about dispensing death, his racy scenes on True Blood, and what he’s going to do next.

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