This is so cute -

Driving across town to get a cake at Porto’s during rush hour: 60 Minutes. Setting up and gathering most of the crew in The Commissary for the event: 30 Minutes. Getting an actor out of rehearsal and behind a kitchen to hand him the cake for the big-reveal: 15 Minutes. Surprising The most awesome/fashionable Art Director in the business with a surprise going away party and a cake delivered by “The Love of Her Life” (Other than her husband, duh) Mr. Alexander Skarsgård “Eric” himself on her last day: PRICELESS!

This man is living the dream.

Someone snatch that had off his head immediately. I find it deeply offensive.


Alex and Bill at day 3 of Coachella 4/13/14

Me too, Alex.

Someone found him. I wonder what gave him away….

Alex at the Alexander Wang x H&M party last night.

Also normal.