Alexander Skarsgard on His South Pole Race Against Prince Harry: I’m Going to Win! 

Watch out Prince Harry, a vampire has set his sights on you. 

Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Norse vampire Eric Northman in the hit series True Blood, is racing to the South Pole against the British royal in November to raise funds for the Walking with the Wounded charity and says he has the mental and physical skills to beat the prince. 

"I’m pretty stubborn and motivated and I don’t give up easily," Skarsgard, 37, told PEOPLE at Thursday’s Calvin Klein Spring 2014 Collection after party in N.Y.C. "I’m very focused and we’re not going to lose!" 

The Swedish-born actor hasn’t met the 28-year-old prince yet, but says he’s eager to introduce himself – at the finish life. 

"I’m very excited to meet him. I’ll be with my U.S. teammates at the South Pole welcoming him," Skarsgard says with a laugh. "I’ll be happy to see him when he arrives. We will be there first though!" 

And how will the HBO hunk greet the prince? With some trash talk?  "No, I’m going to give him a high five when I meet him," he says. "I hear he’s an amazing guy. I admire him for being involved with Walking with the Wounded for a couple of years and taking the time to help wounded soldiers. It’s going to be an honor to meet him."„20734856,00.html

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