A shocking season 6 finale for “True Blood” last night on HBO: Eric, played by popular sex symbol, Alexander Skarsgaard, went up in flames. You could say Skarsgaard was “burned out” doing the show as his film career is hotter than a searing flame. Ha ha. Anyway, vampire Eric was reading a book, completely naked, sitting outside in the Swedish snow. As you do. And suddenly the Northern sun just starting burning him up. His last scene was was fully frontal and engulfed in flames. Now, even on “General Hospital” you could live through that. But it does seem like Eric might be completely dead. It’s a good cliffhanger until “True Blood” returns next year. Insiders told me recently that HBO was renegotiating a lot of “True Blood” contracts. Skarsgaard’s finale could well be linked to that. If he re-signs, someone will rush in with a fire extinguisher.


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    I’m so angry because Eric was here since the beginning and his death is completly stupid to me. I don’t say that only...
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